Friday, August 12, 2016


My oldest granddaughter will be having her second son real soon. She was scheduled to go visit her photographer but bad weather prevented the visit so her mom got her trusty phone out and snapped these pictures out in the pasture. I thought they turned out just great.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


These are my remaining brothers, Ronnie Charles and Richard Lynn. We lost Ronnie this year. He had been suffering from health problems for the past six years and finally his life was taken by cancer.
 This picture was taken after a Christmas feast.

This is Ronnie Charles and his lovely wife Jo. He was a grumpy soul but oh so sweet. He called me three or four times per week to check on me when he was sitting in his recliner day after day and could not walk well enough to do  much of anything. He went to the gym and rode some of the machines to help strengthen his legs.



Sheyanne made these cute Micky Mouse, Minny and the little guy suits for Halloween. She had to dress as some character for her job at the bank. Since she was so creative her costume was the winning costume.


I added anew metal roof and siding to my house. We built our house in 1979 and have only painted the exterior and added new roofs when needed. I think it looks pretty good.


  • This is a recent picture of my family. Our boy is growing.

Monday, June 01, 2015


This is my beautiful daughter, Kristi Suzanne. She is my right hand man since my recent stay in the hospital. She stayed with me while in the hospital, saw to my needs while in rehab and continues to take me to the doctor and help in any way she can. I would be completely lost without her. 


Some of my friends gather every Friday and have lunch at Kenya's.  Mary, Edna, Ann and Helen are our regulars and occasionally we have visitors to spice things up.  On this day . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Payne, joined us.  Mr. Payne was our  coach, teacher, principal and superintendent in years past.


Kase Daniel is growing fast. He is the high light of the Muse family's life. Brett , Suzanne and Madasan adore him. This old gal is also pretty fond of him. He has so much personality and is quite a character. 

Some of these pictures are his first school pictures taken at his day care with his Aunt Dena. 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Kase Daniel was treated royally at his first birthday party. The Barton and Muse families gathered at his house to help him celebrate being on this earth for one year.  Since he was only one year old all of the excitement didn't do much for him. He really liked the packages, boxes and colorful bows more than the tractors, wagons, trucks, etc. 

The theme of his party was Mickey Mouse. He loves Mickey and when Sheyanne went to the store to select a theme this is what he chose.  Sheyanne got really brave and made the Mickey Mouse cake. Kase loved it and when given the opportunity he had him some red cake and made a royal mess of it.  

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Kase Daniel enjoying stripping down and playing outside. See the dark brown birth mark on his left breast. His mom and dad both have birthmarks like this only theirs is not as dark. It really shines on this little rascal.

Easter Sunday at the Barton House. This was the first time I had not spent Easter with Sheyanne since her birth. BUT, I do understand that she now has a family and she must do what she has to do. They all went to church and then hunted eggs with his family. They had other little ones and Kase is the only little one around here. What is hunting eggs without hunting with other little one.

This Madasan riding Ish (better known as Gray) and leading Black Betty. Black Betty has not conformed to all of Madasan's rules yet so she has to pony for most of the day.

Madasan got both of her horses out on the first beautiful day and rode for hours. She rides in the arena but I always preferred riding in the woods. We did more train riding than arena riding back in my day. She never just goes for a ride in the woods but always has to practice her barrel racing, pole bending, goat typing and breakaway roping. Fun, Fun!

This is Conner and Conner loves him some Madasan. He sits with her at church and attends all of her ballgames and rodeos. He is something else.

This is Sheyanne and Madasan doing their goat tying. Getting off their horses at a full galloup is not something I ever tried in my horseback riding days. I often didn't have a saddle but with or without a saddle I tried to stay on my horse.

Kase and his good buddy Able. Both of these guys love the camera. Able strikes his dignified pose when you aim a camera at him and Kase just starts smiling. Sheyanne puts on quite a show to get him giggling.

Sheyanne, Kase and Suzanne at Madasan's softball game.


Madasan is a good athlete and is well liked by most of the students. She just has that personality that causes others to like her without her doing anything to gain their friendship. Because of this she has always been very popular without caring if she was popular or not. She pretty much does her own thing and doesn't care if it is accepted by others. Her sports are very important to her but her showing cattle and riding her horses ranks number one to her. She is a good student but does not strive to be the best like she does in sports and riding.

Madasan has more boyfriends than girlfriends. One of her very best friends is a young man that has been in her class all of their life. He has wanted to date her but she told him that if they dated and broke up it would damage their friendship so they just remain best friends. She has only seriously dated one boy and when he went off to college they parted ways. They still talk but no longer far as I know. She is not like my other granddaughter and talk, talk. She tells you very little and only talks when she really has something to tell you. If you question her and she is not in the mood you get only a short answer. She is something else.

I am anxiously waiting to see just what direction she takes in college. I have tried to talk to her about it but, even with my counseling experience, she just doesn't talk much about it.  She does seek help from some of the teachers that she really likes so I'm hoping they steer her in the right direction. We will see!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Madasan didn't have a date for the Prom this year. She and some of the other girls decided they would have more fun just going as a group.  Some of the pictures were taken out at the new pavilion at the lake and the others at the Prom.